Thursday, June 14, 2001

Right now I should be studying for a final exam which I have tomorrow. I have only studied for a mere hour or two. I have an 85% in the class. My reasoning is that since I have an 85% and the exam isn't worth that much, I can afford to get a 70% on the exam and after all, I always get at least 70% on the tests I rarely study for. I told myself that since part of the exam was going to be analyzing an article, I do not even need to have more than a basic knowledge of the course, which I do. I told myself that I had more interesting things to do, like update my site and sing along with Tegan and Sara songs. I told myself that some people just try to hard, like ~J~, who has a 99% in the class. I told myself that I didn't want to be like ~J~ because she ignores her uncool friends at school.